(1) Butter Chicken Take Away
A world famous Indian delicacy. Tender chicken marinated and half cooked in the charcoal tandoor, and then finished in a creamy curry and spices. $18.90 $17.90

(2) Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt cooked in tandoor then tossed in tomato base sauce with onion and capsicum. $17.90

(3) Chicken Vindaloo
A hot dish, from the shores of Goa with a Portuguese influence. Cooked with vinegar, & whole spices. $17.90

(4) Jalfrazy Chicken
This mouth-watering dish cocked with crushed tomatoes, onion,capsicums and fresh coriander. $17.90

(5) Chicken Dopiaza
Boneless chicken cooked with onion, capsicums, ginger garlic,fresh coriander and spices. $17.90

(6) Chicken Saag
A beautiful spinach curry cooked with an abundance of spinach,tomatoes, ginger, garlic & spices. $17.90

(7) Chicken Korma
Traditionally, a mild dish cooked in a creamy cashew sauce. $17.90

(8) Chicken Madras
A favourite with those who enjoy their curry hot. A South Indian dish with onions, ginger, garlic & spices. $17.90

(9) Achaari Chicken
Cooked with mustard oil, ginger, garlic, onion seeds, fenugreek seeds & spices. A tangy dish with Indian hot pickle flavours. $17.90

(10) Chicken Lavabdar Take Away
Boneless chicken cocked with onion, capsicum & simmered in light chef?s special sauce. $18.90 $17.90

(11) Spice Club Balti Chicken
Chef?s speciality ingredient with tomato and onion gravy cooked in yoghurt, cream fragrantly and cashew nut sauce. $17.90

(12) Green Chicken Curry
Chicken cooked with seasonal vegetable, green chilli, coconut nut cream and ground spices. $17.90