(1) Gulab Jamun
Creamed milk dumpling infused with green cardamom, served warm in a sugar syrup with a touch of desiccated coconut. ( Kulfi : A dense and creamy frozen Indian Ice cream specially prepared by our chef. ) $6.00

(2) Pistachios Kulfi
Premium pistachio Kulfi preppered with pistachios and topped with crushed cashews. $6.90

(3) Mango Kulfi
Premium mango Kulfi made with alphonso mango pulp and topped with crushed cashews. $5.90

(4) Ice Cream(N)
Scoops of Premium Vanilla or Chocolate Ice-Cream with lashings of topping - crushed cashew, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce. $5.00

(5) Gajar Halwa
One of the most popular Indian dessert.Grated carrots, milk, sugar, nuts are stirred and cooked together. $6.00