(1) Papadums (4 pcs)

(2) Raita
Yoghurt mixed with cucumber, ground roasted cumin seeds & coriander. $4.90

(3) Mint Chutney
Yoghurt mixed with fresh mint, green chilies & spices. $3.90

(4) Tamarind Chutney
A sweet and tangy sauce; a perfect match for our vegetable samosas. $3.90

(5) Garden Fresh Salad
Sliced red onions, cucumber, tomatoes, and green leaves tossed with lemon juice and chaat masala. $7.50

(6) Kechumber
Small serve of diced fresh red onions, tomatoes, & cucumber tossed with chaat masala & good drizzle of lemon juice. $3.90

(7) Achaar (Vegetable Pickle)
A spicy and tangy Indian vegetable pickle enjoyed with starter or main for an extra kick. $3.90

(8) Mango Chutney
A delicious sweet and sour stewed mango paste. A perfect fruity accompaniment to our dishes. $3.90

(9) Sliced Red Onions
Sliced red onions dressed with lemon juice, chaat masala, and (optional) fresh green chilies. $3.90